J (squarepush3r) wrote,

always out, never in

don't make someone your priority while you remain their option.

i'm moving forward today
the sun came up with me this afternoon
this hangover will wear off soon
but only the one from the alcohol
because i'm still getting over the hangover from you

it's not easy to look at you like this
we're walking around in circles and we're back to the beginning
i can only start so many times, before i have to end
for good

i don't want things to end like this
so just come over here and give me one last kiss
i'll make it worthwhile, i promise

stay with me this one last time
i'll give you yours if you give me back mine
i'll let you go of all of this
and i'll cherish every moment, i promise

i'm listening to that song again and it's telling me things
i know i shouldn't believe in
i'm fooling myself every moment of every day
into thinking that you're not walking away

oh no, there i go making it complicated once again
i told you i would stop
but you should know better
i just need this and it's killing me to be without it
so much within reach, yet so far from my grip,
and i'm letting it slip
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