J (squarepush3r) wrote,


dont' say a word
i know what you mean
i've seen this look before
i'll close my eyes again and pretend
let's move forward from today on out
i'll stop asking you if it makes this better
i already knew the answer, i've known it all along
you've told it to me without ever saying a word
but i can't help but need to hear it from you
even a silent agreement
with or without words
a nod of your head will work

don't worry about him
he'll get along alright
maybe today is the best thing to ever happen
i'm not worrying about anyone but you right now
and i'll worry about you until tomorrow night
until i get to see you, again

this is it, time to make good on that promise
and i know i won't let you down
so i'm going to take this chance and keep it somewhere safe
i'm not going to fuck this one up

kiss me one more time like you did yesterday
i promise you that everything is going to be just fine
just walk with me and i'll show you, listen to me and i'll explain it
close your eyes again
and let these feelings in
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