J (squarepush3r) wrote,


you're startling me with the way you've been moving
i can't guess your next position
i can't see where this is going to end up
for now, i'll take my chances
for now, i'll watch your every move

i can't keep up with these numbers
i'm listening to this song and thinking about you
it tells me i'd be rich if i could be with you
i'll start to believe it, maybe...or is it against my better judgment

i could live just to see that smile
i think i could even settle for a little more than that
i'll carry this weight if it means i'll be there soon
i'll follow your lead and i wont' complain for a minute
you know i'll be there every step of the way....
and i'll give you this kiss at the end of my day

will you tell me this secret? it's something i'm dying to know

i know you hate it when i ask you that,
but i love the way you roll your eyes
i'm crazy about the sarcastic smile
shhh, i know, it'll all work out soon

i'm betting on this number, this red number 7
i'm laying it all on this table
waiting for the roll of the dice

please, let there be a consolation prize
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