J (squarepush3r) wrote,

and it's just like mitchell lane...

everything's the same.

I guess it has at least...still the same old shit except for the new job.
I'm making more money and that is nice...i'm also learning what to do with my money which, much to my chagrin, was a big issue with an ex of mine.

Amazon Blonde is going very well. I feel that after all the smoke has cleared, everything definitely worked out for the best. We now have two great guitar players who play extremely well together, we have an awesome drummer (who, in my opinion, is the best drummer this band has had) and a great lead singer...I feel pretty competent on the bass and I feel that once we get this ball rolling again we will turn some heads. The cd should be done soon and I'm very excited about that....the only thing is, we are going in a slightly different direction now and by the time anyone gets this cd, it will be (i guess in a sense it already is) obsolete...but i'm still proud of it and i really think that it sounds good, and looks great (thanks to nadia).
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